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For end users#


Requires node v14.4.0+ with npm v6.14.5+ to be installed.

If command line is more your thing, you can install the latest ergogen release by issuing:

npm i -g ergogen

After this, you will be able to use the ergogen command - for example, by specifying an input config and an output folder like so:

ergogen input.yaml -o output_folder

For the full set command line options available, see ergogen --help.

For development#

If you want to sneak a peek of the features being developed on the cutting edge, or would like to contribute stuff, you can clone the repo locally by:

git clone ergogennpm install

To use this local copy, you would call node src/cli.js instead of the global ergogen command. So the above example would change to:

node src/cli.js input.yaml -o output_folder