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The meta top level key can contain arbitrary metadata documenting the keyboard in question. The only fields Ergogen interprets and uses from it are:

  • engine: A semver declaration in the usual form [major].[minor].[patch] (so, e.g., 3.1.4), stating which Ergogen version the config is supposed to work with. The semver check is then performed for compatibility, not exact equality, so and engine value of 3.1.4 means "at least 3.1.4, up to (and excluding) 4.0.0". It is possible that you config would work even on an older or newer engine, but Ergogen will give you an error until you update either your config proper or the engine field to match the current environment.

  • version: Not to be confused with engine, version is just a piece of string metadata Ergogen embeds in the KiCAD PCBs it generates.

  • author: Same as version, only for the author field of the KiCAD PCB metadata.

Otherwise, feel free to dump anything here from e-mail addresses and GitHub links to your Nan's favorite pie recipe. Ergogen won't complain - only it won't use those fields either.